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Ventura Drain Cleaning

Drains come in different sizes that require the right size cable to be used for clearing stoppages. Drain cleaning is a technique that takes many years of experience to master properly. Cable that is run too fast in the clogged drain will not clean the stoppage properly. Slowly run cable with light pressure ensures that the drain will be cleared sufficiently. A cable that is not long enough to reach the end of drain may also not reach the stoppage as well or just push it farther down the line without clearing completely.

We always test a drain after clearing by running lots of water. This will determine if the drain is indeed clean and clear, but it is also to flush debris that has been worked loose with the cable into the main and out to the city sewer. All normal drain cleaning that has been cleared with cable and tested with running water has a warranty.

Ventura Drain Repair

If all other drain clearing techniques have been used and a problem still exists, we can repair or replace it ASAP! A major root intrusion in clay pipe can cause permanent damage with shifted or cracked pipe. After locating an area with a camera inspection, we can immediately go to work to resolve the problem. Whether the drain is in the yard, under a raised floor, or under concrete slab, in most cases we can remove the affected area and replace it. In more extreme cases we can replace the entire drain with ABS plastic or Trenchless pipe. All of our partial or complete drain replacements comes with a lifetime warranty.

Outside Drains

Many houses have outside drains around pools, patios, walkways and low areas in the yard. Unfortunately, these areas collect debris, which causes stoppages and flood outside landscaping. It sometimes takes cable with blades to clear roots from drain. We also use a high-pressure trailer-mounted hydrojetter to blast leaves, dirt and debris from of outside drains. The hydrojetter can blast up to 3000 PSI of water pressure and can remove most all the debris. We use our drain camera to inspect while hydro-jetting until we see all the debris is removed and the drain is clear. Call us to clear outside drains before heavy rains to prevent water damage to your house and landscaping.


In some cases when cable is run to clear a drain and heavy grease or debris is present in the drain preventing a heavy a cable from clearing it, a hydrojetter is used. Hydro-jetting is using high pressure water through a hose to remove resilient drain stoppages. The hydro-jet hose has a tip with jets that breaks apart built-up grease or debris and flushes the build-up into the main drain. This technique is only done in extreme cases and also only done after cable has been run properly first.  All hydro-jetting has a warranty of 2 years.