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Ventura Trenchless Pipe Bursting Technology

We use the newest in modern technology to diagnose and cure all your plumbing problems. Pipe bursting technology allows us to replace buried pipeline without having to dig a traditional trench which exposes the entire pipeline. We can save your money, your trees, and your landscaping, with our Trenchless Pipe Bursting technology. We have our own Trenchless Pipe Bursting equipment and have over 20 years experience in using it. Our system can replace your sewer or outside drain piping thru the existing old corroded cast-iron, Orangeburg or shifted clay pipe with major root intrusion. We can replace your drains under your walkways, concrete, or driveways with little damage to your property and prevent all future root intrusion. Our Trenchless Pipe Bursting system works on hills and cannot be damaged by ground movement. There is a Lifetime Warranty on all our Trenchless sewer replacements.

How does trenchless pipe bursting technology work?

With our Trenchless Pipe Bursting solution we can replace the old sewer by accessing the existing drain pipe underground at two access points - one near the house and one near the property line. First, we cut out the grass and remove it carefully so we can install the existing grass after the installation is completed. We protect all surfaces such as landscaping and concrete with plastic tarps or plywood prior to excavating soil. We feed a thick wire line through the old sewer and connect it to a bursting head that is attached to the new pipe. Once it is attached, we use hydraulics to pull the new piping through the old by “bursting” it as it is pulled through.

Most Trenchless replacements are completed within 2-3 days, including inspection, with the sewer being offline for less than four to six hours. Many jobs are done cleanly without any evidence of work ever being completed!


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