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Ventura Gas Leak Detection

We use a gas leak detector to locate up to sixteen different gases. We can locate gas leaks underground, above ground, inside walls, and in attics. We can check every connection of exposed pipe including fixtures. The equipment can also detect gases like dangerous odorless gases like carbon monoxide or sewer gases that may be seeping into the house from broken drain venting in the walls. Many older gas supplies were installed with black steel or galvanized piping. Old corroded gas piping can cause a waste of money on gas bills or worse yet, a fire hazard.

If you suspect a gas leak in your home please contact us as soon as possible.

Gas Leaks Are Repaired By Plumbers?

Yes. In the United States and other countries like the United Kingdom, Australia, and South Africa, licensed plumbers are trained and equipped to detect and repair gas leaks. Gas is transmitted through underground piping, and because plumbers are the natural experts on all things pipe related, the task is assigned to your local plumber.

All natural gas has scent added at the petroleum plant so a leak can be detected easily by smell. Also, sometimes a leak underground has gone so long the soil surrounding the corroded pipe and on the surface can be hardened by the natural chemicals in the gas. Gas leak detection is a critical job that must be done safely by a licensed plumbing contractor. Many times the gas company has notified the customer and shut off the gas to the residence before we are called. When the gas is already off, high pressure air can be used to locate a leak above ground. When a gas leak is located in a yard line underground, it is much more complicated to pinpoint the area. Our experienced, professional plumber in Ventura will take pride in resolving any gas leak issue safely.

Ventura Gas Leak Repairs

Gas leak repairs above ground are usually not very complicated to perform once they are located. Most above ground gas piping can last 40-50 years without ever having a problem, if leak tested, installed and secured correctly. All older underground corroded gas piping must be always replaced and not repaired. Our company uses a poly pipe similar to what the gas company uses. The poly pipe is fused together with high heat, making it one continuous pipe, transitioning to metal above ground and connecting to house or meter. The poly pipe resists corrosion or chemical breakdown from the natural gas. All our complete poly gas supply replacements have a lifetime warranty.